Pastor's Desk

 Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 Something is coming. That is how I felt this past week in New York City. As the bus was heading to the city, they were calling for blizzard conditions and 20-30 inches of snow. The mayor issued a state of emergency, and shut down the subway system for snow for the first time in NYC history. I stayed up late to watch the snowpocalypse come, and it never came. We had a few inches of snow and that was it.


This situation reminded me of our church in a way. We have the facility and resources to be prepared for a large number of people to join our congregation. However, this has not happened yet Our church leaders know there are many things we can do to make this a reality, and we are working to make these come to fruition. However, we all need to ask ourselves what role we are playing in making this growth a possibility.


Last Sunday we had a young family visit our church. They had three young children. Did we notice that they were there? Did we make every effort to ensure that they return? We are currently forming an Assimilation Team to address these needs, but every person in this congregation needs to be a part of this effort. When people enter our church, if they feel the love and hope of the people of Jesus Christ they will return.  In turn, this will lead to the growth we have always hoped for our church family.


“Anyone who is to find Christ must first find the church. How could anyone know where Christ is and what faith is in him unless they knew where his believers are?”

Martin Luther


Pastor Steve