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Pastor Stephen Salisbury
Newburg United Methodist Church - 203 N. High Street Newburg, PA - 717-423-6223
Office Hours:  Monday through Friday  ~  9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
We believe that God has called Newburg Church to be the body of Christ. We are called to build
a community of faithful and committed disciples who act in response to God's gracious love, to
continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world; healing, caring, witnessing, working for justice,
partners with God in the building of God's kingdom.

Faith is the basic orientation and commitment of our whole being—a matter of heart and soul.
Christian faith is grounding our lives in the living God as revealed especially in Jesus Christ.
It’s both a gift we receive within the Christian community and a choice we make. It’s trusting
in God and relying on God as the source and destiny of our lives. Faith is believing in God,
giving God our devoted loyalty and allegiance. Faith is following Jesus, answering the call to
be his disciples in the world. Faith is hoping for God’s future, leaning into the coming kingdom
that God has promised. Faith-as-belief is active; it involves trusting, believing, following, hoping.